[PyQt] Potential bug in PyQt5 v5.11.3 or 5.12

Sammy Barkowski Barkowski at shinobi-mail.de
Fri Jan 18 21:59:09 GMT 2019

Hey there!

I have a problem with PyQt5 and QPrinter which seems to be related to
PyQt 5.11.3 or Qt 5.12. I’m running Manjaro Linux with python 3.7.2,
pyqt5-common 5.11.3, python-pyqt5 5.11.3 and Qt5 at v5.12.0.

I have a program which printed directly to a pdf-file in portrait- or
landscape-orientation using QPrinter. Everything worked perfectly with
PyQt5 v5.11.2 and Qt5 v5.11.
But now, whitout any code-changes, I always get documents in format
"us-letter" in portrait-orientation.

I have a minimal working-example and some pdf-files to illustrate this

(I had to remove names in two of the documents with LibreOffice Draw.
Thus, the specs say that they are generated by LibreOffice instead of

In my example script, I let python print the printer-settings and they
are correct, but the generated output is wrong.

Can anybody confirm and reproduce this behaviour with my working
example? If this is not related to PyQt5, should I report a bug at Qt5.12?

Thank you!


Sam Barkowski

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