[PyQt] QDesktopServices.setUrlHandler not called on OS X

Marko Luther marko.luther at gmx.net
Sun Jun 30 15:34:11 BST 2019

Dear all,

I am struggling to get the expected call-back from a URL handler registered via QDesktopServices.setUrlHandler on opening the registered URL scheme (test://<path>).

The scheme is registered via the following info.plist entry 


The handler is installed in the PyQt script via

QDesktopServices.setUrlHandler('test', open_desktopservices_url)


def open_desktopservices_url(url):


handler = URLHandler()
QDesktopServices.setUrlHandler("test", handler.handleURL) 

class URLHandler(QObject):
    def handleURL(self, url):

To open the URL I put the URL "test://me" into Safari or use the terminal with

# open test://me

Opening the URL brings the app to the foreground, but the handler is never called.

I found a way to catch this URL request by catching a FileOpen event and extracting the given URL from the event as follows

class Simple(QApplication):
    def __init__(self, args):
        super(Simple, self).__init__(args)

    def event(self, event):
        if event.type() == QEvent.FileOpen:
            url = event.url()
            if url.isValid():
        return super(Simple, self).event(event)

Is this the way it has to be done?

I attached a minimal sample app sample.py together with a setup.py script to build the app with py2app that builds and runs as follows:

# python3 setup.py py2app
# dist/Simple.app/Contents/MacOS/Simple

This is on OS X 10.13.6, Python 3.7.3, PyQt 5.12.13, py2app 0.19

Thanks for any pointer in the right direction,

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