[PyQt] Compiling SIP v5 vs v4

Erik Janssens erik.janssens at conceptive.be
Fri Nov 15 08:44:47 GMT 2019

ok, so that would still require building the sip module 'manually'

I prefer not to mess with setuptools, so I'll just wait for the
sip5 support being added to pyqtdeploy.

The current sip build system with the configuration files
just works too well :)

On 11/13/19 4:40 PM, Phil Thompson wrote:
> On 13/11/2019 15:16, Erik Janssens wrote:
>> aha, thank you !
>> is my understanding correct in that :
>> - PyQt-Builder should be installed on the 'build python'
> Yes.
>> - Through the configuration, PyQt-Builder can be instructed to use the
>> qmake of a cross compiler,
> It will use whatever qmake you give it, as before.
>>   and link against the 'host python'
> Normally bindings don't link against Python, they are dynamically 
> loaded by the interpreter.
>> - PyQt builder will then build both sip and pyqt for the host python
> It doesn't build sip or a private sip module.
>> So there is no longer the need to build sip before building pyqt ?
> You need to install sip first (unless it is being installed 
> automatically because you are using pip as the build frontend). Don't 
> confuse sip and a sip module.
> At the moment sip5/PyQt-builder don't have explicit support for 
> cross-compilation. This will be fixed (if necessary) when sip5 support 
> is added to pyqtdeploy.
> Phil

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