[PyQt] sip-build --debug and wheels on a Raspberry Pi

Kyle Altendorf sda at fstab.net
Wed Apr 8 04:10:49 BST 2020

I've got a couple issues related to building PyQt.  I glanced around 
quickly at them and they seemed likely trivial to identify (even if 
solutions always take non-trivial amounts of work).  If needed I can go 
back through and provide some reproduction steps and logs.

1) sip-build --debug doesn't seem to set either the Designer or QML 
plugins to be built with debug symbols intact.  When I added debug to 
the CONFIG lines in the .pro-in files I did get debug symbols.

Backstory: This came up while debugging my issues with segfaults in 
GitHub Actions Linux.  I don't know the root cause of what I was 
debugging but I did see what seemed to be two None instances...  I 
switched to official CPython docker images and the segfaults went away.  

2) Building a wheel with pip on an ARM Raspberry Pi results in a file 
with manylinux2014_x86_64 in the name.  Perhaps something based on 
distutils.util.get_platform() (plus pep425 described modification of the 
value) and replacing linux with manylinux<whatever>?  Or you'd think 
some official library would expose this calculation for you to use.


Backstory: I'm trying to help piwheels get a build going for PyQt5.

Thanks for your time.


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