[PyQt] Main window not opening pyQt5 on windows 10 with NV3100M videocard

l.deblaauw at chello.nl l.deblaauw at chello.nl
Fri Apr 24 19:11:21 BST 2020

Hi all,

I am experiencing some weird problems trying to get to run a downloaded Python program call Universal Radio Hacker. Clicking on the exe does not show the main window of the application but in the windows 10 process explorer it shows the program is actually running.


So then I tried to run just a very basic python program from pythonprogamminglanguage.com/pyqt5-hello-world which basically should show a main window with a title and a label. Same result no main window is showing.


Tried a bunch of stuff like installing the official QT developer tool also same result…


So my guess would be it has something to do with my video card in my notebook, a NV3100M, which is a bit older?


Any and all tips or ideas greatly welcomed since this is driving me crazy 😉


Regards and greetings,


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