ImportError: No module named 'PyQt5.sip'

Phil Thompson phil at
Mon Apr 27 22:33:45 BST 2020

On 27/04/2020 22:19, Gabriele Bulfon wrote:
> Great Phil, that's where I pulled sources for both of them.
> I have built and packaged PyQt5-sip and PyQt5 from those sources,
> after building and packaging sip5 and PyQt-builder.
> Maybe there's something wrong in what I'm delivering to the system
> with PyQt5-sip?
> Here's a brief of the files delivered by my package, as in the package
> definition file (pkg, solaris).
> I derived this from the prototype area generated by the build/install
> on the prototype install root.
> I bet something is wrong with the file...I still
> don't understand how these cpython so files are looked up, but that is
> what the build system created in the prototype area.
> dir path=usr
> dir path=usr/lib
> dir path=usr/lib/python$(PYVER)
> dir path=usr/lib/python$(PYVER)/vendor-packages
> dir path=usr/lib/python$(PYVER)/vendor-packages/PyQt5
> dir
> path=usr/lib/python$(PYVER)/vendor-packages/PyQt5_sip-12.7.2-py$(PYVER).egg-info
> file usr/lib/python$(PYVER)/vendor-packages/PyQt5/
> path=usr/lib/python$(PYVER)/vendor-packages/PyQt5/
> file
> path=usr/lib/python$(PYVER)/vendor-packages/PyQt5_sip-12.7.2-py$(PYVER).egg-info/PKG-INFO
> file
> path=usr/lib/python$(PYVER)/vendor-packages/PyQt5_sip-12.7.2-py$(PYVER).egg-info/SOURCES.txt
> file
> path=usr/lib/python$(PYVER)/vendor-packages/PyQt5_sip-12.7.2-py$(PYVER).egg-info/dependency_links.txt
> file
> path=usr/lib/python$(PYVER)/vendor-packages/PyQt5_sip-12.7.2-py$(PYVER).egg-info/top_level.txt

I would expect to see .dist-info rather than .egg-info. Maybe your 
setuptools is too old.


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