Plans for PyQt6?

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Wed Apr 29 19:16:55 BST 2020

Well, I don't know if this is the right thread to ask this or if anything
could actually be done, but I have the following suggestion: please change
the warning of pyuic generated files.

Most PyQt beginners make the common mistake of creating their programs by
editing the files generated with pyuic, and they just ignore the current
warning without actually realizing its implications nor understanding how
these file work.
Maybe it could be useful to add a "do not edit this file" alert and,
possibly, a link to the "Using Qt Designer" page.


Il giorno mar 28 apr 2020 alle ore 11:21 Florian Bruhin <me at>
ha scritto:

> Hey,
> Inspired by the thread about qmake, I was wondering what the plans for
> PyQt6
> are in general.
> Right now I'm assuming:
> - The module name will change from PyQt5 to PyQt6, so applications needing
> to
>   support both will need some kind of wrapper
> - There will be relatively few API changes outside of the ones in Qt -
> right
>   now I can only think of unscoped enum access being removed:
> - PyQt6 will be released some time after Qt 6 itself, though I guess
> nightly
>   snapshots will work against Qt 6 at some point before that:
> Does that sound about right?
> Florian
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