[PyQt] ImportError using PyQt 5.14 on 32-bit Windows 7

Ian Ottoway ian at ottoway.dev
Mon Mar 2 02:10:50 GMT 2020

I'm getting the following error when trying to run my app on a 32-bit Windows 7 machine.

    from PyQt5.QtCore import QObject, QThread, pyqtSignal, pyqtSlot

ImportError: DLL load failed while importing QtCore: %1 is not a valid Win32 application.

I don't get this error when running on a 64-bit machine or if I downgrade to 5.13.  Normally, I would not consider it too much of an issue, but unfortunately I have one user who must have it running on this particular VM with no exceptions. 

Is this a bug or is there something obvious that I'm missing?  I also get the same  error on a clean install of Python and just try to import any PyQt modules. 
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