[PyQt] ImportError using PyQt 5.14 on 32-bit Windows 7

ottowayi ian at ottoway.dev
Mon Mar 2 15:37:27 GMT 2020

> It's a bug in pyqt-bundle (used internally to create the wheels).  The 
> work around is to replace the Microsoft redistributables in the Qt\bin 
> directory with the correct 32 bit versions.

That worked, thanks.  I use pynsist to build my installers and part of my
build script is to 'pip wheel -r requirements.txt', I commented that part
out for now so it wouldn't download a new copy.  Then in the 5.14 wheel I
replaced the concrt140, mscvp140, and vcruntime140 DLLs with the versions
the the 5.13 wheel.  Built the installer, installed it with no issues and
everything seems to work. Thanks!

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