[PyQt] Inconsistent pylupdate5 behaviour on UTF8 data

Giuseppe Corbelli corbelligiuseppe at mesdan.it
Wed Mar 4 15:59:06 GMT 2020

On 3/2/20 5:19 PM, Phil Thompson wrote:
> Giuseppe,
> The fundamental problem is that in moving the code from Qt4 to Qt5 I did 
> the least work I could get away with rather than doing the job properly.

Wasn't that supposed to be a desirable quality? To be a "lazy developer"?
Just kidding.

> Can you confirm that you have a workaround for this?

Confirmed. pylupdate v5.14.1 + qt 5.12.5 (as found in Debian unstable) 
do the job on Linux.

> I'd rather not try and fix it at this stage (given Qt6 is sooner rather 
> than later). For PyQt6 I'd rather replace the whole lot with a pure 
> Python implementation that compiles and inspects the Python byte code.
I did not really dig the details but the matter could also be into Qt 
XML parser. Strange that nobody found this before...

Giuseppe Corbelli

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