[PyQt] Best way to learn the complete pyqt5.

Barry Scott barry at barrys-emacs.org
Fri Mar 6 09:13:27 GMT 2020

> On 6 Mar 2020, at 01:46, Souvik Dutta Chowdhury <souvik.viksou at outlook.com> wrote:
> Then what would be the best thing to do?

I found that reading the Qt docs was good for most of my needs to understand PyQt.
The only thing I found hard to understand was the"Model/view Table Models" and for that
I read the Mark Summerfield's book "Advanced Qt Programming".

> I mean I might well be doing a task in a certain way but there might be another better way to do it and I might not know. 

You are describing all software every written!

Learning betters ways to solve problems is part of the journey we all go on.

I found one of the ideas from eXtreme Programming (Kent Beck et al) has guided my thinking.

"Write only the code you need for the requirements you have." 
In other words once you have a good enough solution stop coding.

Don't code for future guessed requirements, as that is almost always
wasted effort (lots of academic research shows this).

The second part is that when the requirements change refactor the code until you have
covered the new requirements, and only when the requirements change.


> On 05-Mar-2020 9:28 pm, Dennis Jensen <djensen at pgcontrols.com> wrote:
> Okay I reviewed that page and I cannot say that is the best way to learn the complete pyqt5 it would just be another tool to help move you in that direction. The biggest problems I have found are (1) Incomplete/Incorrect documentation  (2) Programmer wanna-bees prompting and propagating bad information  (3) Folks not fully understanding programming best practices
> Just because you might know how a piece of Qt5 works does not mean you understand when and when not to implement it. The key is PyQt is a dual language discipline it is Python and Qt which means you have to fully understand Python as much or more than you fully understand Qt
> On 3/4/2020 7:32 PM, Souvik Dutta Chowdhury wrote:
> I found an answer to my question. If anybody wants it it's here:
> https://doc.bccnsoft.com/docs/PyQt5/ <https://doc.bccnsoft.com/docs/PyQt5/>
> Thank you
> On 04-Mar-2020 8:01 am, Souvik Dutta Chowdhury <souvik.viksou at outlook.com> <mailto:souvik.viksou at outlook.com> wrote:
> Is there any way to learn the complete pyqt5 or atleast know what it is capable of doing? What do you suggest?
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