[PyQt] Win32 Error with PyQt 5.14.1

Ian Ottoway ian at ottoway.dev
Tue Mar 17 12:30:28 GMT 2020

I ran into this issue as well as asked on here not too long ago, there is a bug in the pyqt-bundle that packages the wrong MS DLLs.  Replace these DLLs in the Qt/bin folder: concrt140, mscvp140, and vcruntime140 with the ones from 5.13.

---- On Mon, 16 Mar 2020 21:23:29 -0500 Doug Bell <dougb at bellz.org> wrote ----


I've run PyQt on an older PC with Windows 10 for a long time.  But after
installing PyQt 5.14.1 on a Python 3.8 32-bit install (using "pip
install PyQt5"), I get the following error when trying to run any PyQt

 ImportError: DLL load failed while importing QtCore: %1 is not a
 valid Win32 application.

Installing PyQt 5.14.0 gives the same result, but it works fine after
installing PyQt 5.13.2, with no other changes.

Any ideas?  Did something change in PyQt 5.14?

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