pyqtdeploy --resources does not split data files in app pkg dir

Phil Thompson phil at
Mon Nov 2 16:58:50 GMT 2020

On 28/10/2020 20:11, Patrick Stinson wrote:
> —resources splits python modules into several qrc_pyqtdeployN.cpp but
> still puts all non-python module files in one big source file. This
> negates the utility of splitting the source files and makes for slow
> builds with lots of data files in the resources list.

It makes no distinction between non-Python module files and anything 
else. It allocates the same number of files to each .qrc file but 
doesn't take the size of a file into account. If you have lots of large 
data files in the same directory it is likely that these will be lumped 
together. The only work around I can suggest is to set the number of 
resource file to a higher value.


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