import error PyQt5.QtWidgets, 32bit Python question

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Thu Nov 19 13:33:10 GMT 2020

This sounds a lot like the issue I had not too long ago, it was a bug in the PyQt packaging that was putting the wrong version of some DLLs in the wheel.

It's been a while since then so I assumed it was fixed. 

Here is the previous thread:

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On 18/11/2020 20:55, Elizabeth Johnson

I've also tried just installing Python 3.7.4 directly and
          pip installing PyQt5 (same error, no success) and then trying
          to specifically install the PyQt5 version I mentioned above
          (still same error, no success). 

For that one it could be as simple as to install the C++ runtime

In any case, for windows
                my advice would be to forget about WinPython or anything
                similar use python from with pip to install
                packages and eventually installing VS2019 community
                edition C++ compiler if you need to compile anything
                from source.

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