Strategy to deal with pyqtdeploy and C++/GCC11 issues within Qt5

Frans Fürst frans.fuerst at
Mon Apr 5 10:36:53 BST 2021

I just realized that Qt5.15.3+ will not be available for download in the near future and now I wonder how to use pyqtdeploy with Qt5 and GCC11+. (is that correct? I see questions about PyQt5.15.3+ but Qt5.15.3 is not available here )

It looks like Qt5 is not ready for GCC11, see

So on systems with GCC11 installed - and at least Fedora will be shipped with GCC11 at the end of this month) or if you want to compile with GCC11 for whatever reason you would have to patch Qt before compiling it.

Is there a way to do that with pyqtdeploy? The workflow I'm currently using is to download
qt-everywhere-src-5.15.2.tar.xz, extract it, patch it, re-compress it and put it into ~/.pyqtdeploy/cache/ to be found by pyqtdeploy.

Is there a more straight forward way to do this?

Other approaches I see (apart from not using Qt any more) are:
* Download, compile and use GCC 10 instead of GCC 11 (pre-installed on Fedora 34+)
* Use docker to virtualize the building process
* Switch to PyQt6 (is pyqtdeploy ready for Qt6 yet?)

Any other ideas?

Thanks and happy easter!
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