Strategy to deal with pyqtdeploy and C++/GCC11 issues within Qt5

Phil Thompson phil at
Mon Apr 5 12:34:56 BST 2021

On 05/04/2021 12:06, Frans Fürst wrote:
>> > I just realized that Qt5.15.3+ will not be available for download in
>> > the near future and now I wonder how to use pyqtdeploy with Qt5 and
>> > GCC11+. (is that correct? I see questions about PyQt5.15.3+ but
>> > Qt5.15.3 is not available here
>> > )
>> Are you confusing PyQt and Qt version numbers?
> Hm, maybe? I thought the version numbers of Qt and PyQt correspond -
> you can't use PyQt5.15.3 together with PyQt5.15.0, can / should you?

> Since pyqtdeploy doesn't seem to provide a way to specify download
> locations (does it?) how would you tell pyqtdeploy to use a version of
> Qt that's not available for download?

>> > It looks like Qt5 is not ready for GCC11, see
>> >
>> > So on systems with GCC11 installed - and at least Fedora will be
>> > shipped with GCC11 at the end of this month) or if you want to compile
>> > with GCC11 for whatever reason you would have to patch Qt before
>> > compiling it.
>> > Is there a way to do that with pyqtdeploy? The workflow I'm currently
>> > using is to download
>> > qt-everywhere-src-5.15.2.tar.xz, extract it, patch it, re-compress it
>> > and put it into ~/.pyqtdeploy/cache/ to be found by pyqtdeploy.
>> > Is there a more straight forward way to do this?
>> The "recommended" way would be to sub-class the Qt component plugin 
>> and
>> re-implement the unpack_archive() method to patch the unpacked 
>> archive.
> Ok, I'll give that a try.
> Are there plans to cover this by pyqtdeploy in the near future? I
> think otherwise it would be restricted to GCC 10 and lower (at least
> without everyone having to modify it the way you recommended).

Definitely not. It's not pyqtdeploy's responsibility to fix dumb 
decisions made by the Qt company.


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