Missing QPdfWriter::setPageSize overload

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Tue Apr 13 15:24:57 BST 2021


According to the docs:


Qt 5 has:

  bool QPdfWriter::setPageSize(const QPageSize &pageSize)
  [obsolete] void QPdfWriter::setPageSize(QPagedPaintDevice::PageSize size) override
  [obsolete] void QPdfWriter::setPageSizeMM(const QSizeF &size) override
  void QPagedPaintDevice::setPageSize(QPagedPaintDevice::PageSize size)

While Qt 6 has:

  bool QPagedPaintDevice::setPageSize(const QPageSize &pageSize)

I think PyQt6-6.0.3 is correct (though I didn't try),
but PyQt5-5.15.4/sip/QtGui/qpdfwriter.sip has:

  virtual void setPageSize(QPagedPaintDevice::PageSize size);
  virtual void setPageSizeMM(const QSizeF &size);

i.e. it's missing the overload taking a QPageSize.


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