need help with the .toml file. Not able to find the Qt headers

Suman Chatterjee sum_chat at
Thu Apr 29 20:04:24 BST 2021

 I am writing a .toml file to generate the  Python bindings for a C++ library like below

# Specify the build system requirements.
requires = ["sip >=5.3, <7", "PyQt-builder >=1.6, <2"]
build-backend = "sipbuild.api"

# Specify the PEP 566 metadata for the project.
name = "ABC"
version = "100.10"
summary = "Python bindings for the ArcGIS Runtime library"
home-page = ""
author = "xxx"

license = "GPL v3"
requires-dist = "PyQt5 (>=5.15)"
description-file = "README"

# Configure the building of the fib bindings.

include-dirs = ["~/ABC_SDKs/Qt100.10/sdk/include"]

# Specify a PyQt-based project.
project-factory = "pyqtbuild:PyQtProject"
# Configure the project.
tag-prefix = "ABC"

Now when I run sip-install. I am getting the below error

/Users/xxx/pythonBindingsEnv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/PyQt5/bindings/QtQuick/qquickitem.sip:26:10: fatal error: 'qquickitem.h' file not found

#include <qquickitem.h>


So my question is Do I need to copy all the QT headers files in a folder and add that in the Include-Dirs section of the .toml file. I have the Qt installation added to my PATH like as below

export PATH=/usr/local/opt/qt/bin:$PATH

But somehow it is not able to find them. But the similiar .toml file worked when I did for the QtCharts. Seems like if I include any other folder then it does not search in other paths.

I will appreciate for any help.

Thank You,


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