SIP: using %InstanceCode for pure virtual class

James Jurack James.Jurack at
Fri Aug 6 21:12:50 BST 2021


I am trying to use SIP to wrap a pure virtual class. Since it does not have a callable constructor, it instead has a static factory function that returns an instance of a hidden subclass.

>From the docs, I've gathered that SIP provides %InstanceCode to cover this use case, but it appears it's not doing anything. My class is defined in my .sip file like so:

class MyLib
#include <MyLib.h>
    sipCpp = ::MyLib::Create();

But there is no change in the CPP code that SIP generates, whether I include the %InstanceCode or not; it's still trying to call my class's constructor directly, and I can't find my call to Create() anywhere in the generated code.

Am I misunderstanding how %InstanceCode is supposed to work?

Thanks very much for any help!


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