Could not find QtWebEngineProcess.exe

David Boddie david at
Tue Aug 10 11:19:18 BST 2021

> On Tue Aug 10 03:08:42 BST 2021, Семен Добров wrote:

> I think that the error is due to the configuration of
> PyQt5.QtWebEngineWidgets.QWebEngineView
> or rather interaction with QtWebEngineProcess.exe
> but I don't understand how to fix it, please help.

Which version of Windows, Qt and PyQt are you using? Are you running PyQt
from within a virtualenv or directly from a console?

> When transferring a file QtWebEngineProcess.exe in the Python root, the
> program starts to see QtWebEngineProcess.exe but at the same time, there
> are even more errors. 

Can you include the errors in your next message?

It seems like the problem may be similar to the one reported here:

Does that help at all?


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