how to capture log data in QTextEdit

Stefan Seefeld stefan at
Sun Feb 21 16:41:58 GMT 2021


I'm trying to capture ("redirect") log data generated by a wrapped C++ 
library to a QTextEdit. The internet is full of related questions, but I 
couldn't quite find a working example that matches my needs. I can 
configure my logger to either write to the console (stdout) or to a 
file, so what I'm looking for is a mechanism to attach a "listener" to 
the given file descriptor and let it emit a `readyRead` signal whenever 
data are available. For a reason I don't entirely understand, the 
`QFile` class does *not* emit that signal, and thus is unfortunately 
unsuitable for this.

So, does PyQt5 offer any classes that are equipped to listen to data 
being written to a file descriptor such that I could read them 
asynchronously ? The only examples I could find involve (tcp or udp) 
sockets or serial ports, but not simple files...

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