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No longer relevant, I received a response from your campaign. Thanks and good luck

>Суббота, 3 июля 2021, 19:54 +03:00 от Ярослав Тамбовский <krayov.kopatel at>:
>Hello, I am a 16 year old aspiring developer from Russia. I would like to use PyQT to write a program for a desktop to control routers (School project) I know that I can use a library for open source and free code, but can I send this program to competitions and Olympiads? (After all, there I can get an award) Can an educational institution use my program within its walls?
>Best wishes, Yaroslav.
>P.S. I tried to figure out the license myself, but I didn't succeed. Please forgive me for distracting you from work.
>-- <br/>Ярослав Тамбовский 
-- <br/>Ярослав Тамбовский
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