argument errors withQComboBox.currentTextChanged signal

David Boddie david at
Tue Jul 13 01:25:34 BST 2021

On  Mon Jul 12 18:43:59 BST 2021, Axel Rau wrote:

> Attached is the complete module.
> With this variant, I get
> QObject::connect: Cannot connect QComboBox::currentTextChanged(QString) to
> (nullptr)::zoneBoxSelectionChanged(QString)

Do you need to call the ZoneView class's super() method in its __init__()
method? Traditionally, all classes derived from QObject needed to do this in
order to use the meta-object system.

Also, I haven't looked at type annotations in Python but do you need the
str annotation on zone_name here?

    def zoneBoxSelectionChanged(self, zone_name: str):
        if zone_name:

The pyqtSlot decorator will take care of any type handling.


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