Release latest 4.x version of SIP to PyPI

Phil Thompson phil at
Tue Mar 2 09:24:06 GMT 2021

On 02/03/2021 09:11, Alabate wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to release the latest version of SIP 4.x to PyPI ?
> The latest PyPI version is 4.19.8 and the latest 4.x seems to be 
> 4.19.24.
> I'm requesting this because we have an internal library built with the
> debian buster version (python3-sip:4.19.14). And if I try to use this
> library with the latest PyPI version, I get an error:
>> RuntimeError: the sip module implements API v12.0 to v12.4 but the 
>> libinternalpy module requires API v12.6
> But If I manually install the sip-4.19.24.tar.gz, it work as expected.

The SIP v4 code generator has never been uploaded to PyPI as the source 
package is not an sdist. The wheels for SIP v4 are the old sip module 
which can be generated with SIP v6.


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