Unable to use 'sip-build --debug'

Gehlhaar, Daniel Kurt dan.gehlhaar at pfizer.com
Wed Mar 3 16:52:49 GMT 2021


I am unable to use "sip-build --debug" to build debuggable bindings for my custom project. I am using sip installed through the commands:

pip install PyQt-builder
pip install PyQt5-sip

and then by doing 'sip-install' in the PyQt5 source directory.

The error I get is, "sip-build: A debug version of Python must be used when building a debug version of the <project> bindings".  My Python installation has both debug (python_d.exe) and optimized (python.exe) versions installed, as well as the corresponding libraries. However, it appears that sip-build is installed as an executable (this is Windows) so I can't choose my Python interpreter (I don't think?) because it is baked in (?).

Anyways it's important for my build system, to allow debug and optimized builds to be able to be done side by side, so I need a way to toggle between these. With sip v4, I could simply do the code generation and then choose my own compiler options and link libraries, to select debug versus optimized Python.

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