A few issue with 6.2.0

Damien Elmes pyqt at ankiweb.net
Sun Oct 24 05:03:53 BST 2021

One other issue I forgot to mention - QByteArray can't be pickled on Python

>>> from PyQt6.QtCore import QByteArray
>>> import pickle
>>> pickle.dumps(QByteArray(b"test"))
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
SystemError: PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN macro must be defined for '#' formats

> > - the macos_amd64 wheels should probably use 11_0 - they are currently
> > 10_14, and pip refuses to install them with 'no matching distributions'
> > on
> > an Apple M1 machine.
> That sounds like a pip bug as 10.4 is the minimum required version. What
> is the output of 'pip --verbose debug'?

Sorry, that should have read _arm64 above.

dae at armmini ~ % ./venv2/bin/pip install pyqt6-webengine
Collecting pyqt6-webengine
  Using cached PyQt6_WebEngine-6.2.0-cp36-abi3-macosx_10_14_universal2.whl
(357 kB)
Collecting PyQt6-sip<14,>=13.1
  Using cached PyQt6_sip-13.1.0-cp39-cp39-macosx_11_0_arm64.whl
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement
PyQt6-WebEngine-Qt6>=6.2.0 (from pyqt6-webengine) (from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for PyQt6-WebEngine-Qt6>=6.2.0

dae at armmini ~ % ./venv2/bin/pip --verbose debug | grep cp39 | grep arm
WARNING: This command is only meant for debugging. Do not use this with
automation for parsing and getting these details, since the output and
options of this command may change without notice.

dae at armmini ~ % ./venv2/bin/pip --verbose debug | grep cp39 | grep universal
WARNING: This command is only meant for debugging. Do not use this with
automation for parsing and getting these details, since the output and
options of this command may change without notice.

Workaround for now is to specify the older arch:

./venv2/bin/pip install pyqt6-qt6 pyqt6-webengine-qt6
--platform=macosx_10_14_arm64 --only-binary=:all: --no-deps --target

> > codesign -s  - \
> >
> PyQt6/Qt6/lib/QtWebEngineCore.framework/Helpers/QtWebEngineProcess.app/Contents/MacOS/QtWebEngineProcess
> I can't reproduce this (on an Intel Mac). The original file is not
> signed.

I misspoke - the issue is arm64-specific - on arm64, unsigned code won't
run at all, so XCode will automatically
give outputs an 'ad-hoc' signature when they are created:

dae at armmini ~ % codesign -dvv
Format=Mach-O thin (arm64)
CodeDirectory v=20400 size=1122728 flags=0x20002(adhoc,linker-signed)
hashes=35082+0 location=embedded
dae at armmini ~ % codesign -vv
valid on disk
satisfies its Designated Requirement

The helper has an ad-hoc signature too, but it's malformed:

dae at armmini ~ % codesign -vv
invalid signature (code or signature have been modified)
In architecture: arm64

> > 60-      <widget class="QComboBox" name="field">
> > 61-       <property name="sizeAdjustPolicy">
> > 62:
> > <enum>QComboBox::AdjustToMinimumContentsLengthWithIcon</enum>
> > 63-       </property>
> > 64-      </widget>
> Fixed for QAction.MenuRole but QComboBox.SizeAdjustPolicy should be
> fine. Do you have a .ui file that demonstrates the problem?

Sorry, I mistakenly lumped this one in with the other one, but it was a
issue that was not PyQt's fault (QComboBox::AdjustToMinimumContentsLength
needed to be changed to QComboBox::AdjustToMinimumContentsLengthWithIcon
in the UI file)

> > # inheriting from the missing sip.sipwrapper definition
> > # causes missing attributes not to be detected, as it's treating
> > # the class as inheriting from Any
> > line = line.replace("PyQt6.sip.wrapper", "object")
> sip.wrapper is not missing, it is defined in sip.pyi.

I thought I checked this after updating to PyQt6, but I can't reproduce the
issue now.

> > We also automatically add '# type: ignore' comments to any '.connect('
> > line
> > in generated uic files, as the types don't currently cover the signals.
> > Apart from that, the typing is working great.
> Can you give me an example of a modified file - just so that I get it
> right first time.

Here's a few:

        self.buttonBox.accepted.connect(ChangeMap.accept)  # type: ignore
 # type: ignore

self.activeCheck.toggled['bool'].connect(self.activeList.setEnabled)  #
type: ignore

Without them, we get errors like:

aqt/forms/taglimit_qt6.py:54: error: "Callable[[], None]" has no attribute
"connect"  [attr-defined]
aqt/forms/taglimit_qt6.py:55: error: Value of type "Callable[[bool], None]"
is not indexable  [index]

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