Warnings PyQt6 Mac BigSur

Mel Tearle mel.tearle at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 20:06:56 BST 2021


Following up on my post of a few days back.

Here are the warnings.

qt.pointer.dispatch: delivering touch release to same window QWindow(0x0) not
QWidgetWindow(0x7f9c2b00b700, name="PathMakerClassWindow”)

qt.pointer.dispatch: skipping QEventPoint(id=1 ts=0 pos=0,0 scn=684.702,453.424
gbl=684.702,453.424 Released ellipse=(1x1 ∡ 0) vel=0,0 press=-684.702,-453.424
last=-684.702,-453.424 Δ 684.702,453.424) : no target window

Anyone else seeing these?  They also show up running  PySide6.  

Thanks again,

Mel Tearle

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