Pyqtdeploy fix for latest macOS cmd line tools

Patrick Stinson patrickkidd at
Sat Sep 25 01:20:47 BST 2021


Sorry if I’m ignorant as to whether the latest pyqtdeploy will still work with Qt-5.15.2 (I just want my stuff to keep building), but here is a fix to get `pyqtdeploy/` to correctly read the new macOS sdk version number:

        # Parse the version number.
        # version_str = os.path.basename(self.apple_sdk)

        # if version_str.startswith(self.sdk_prefix):
        #     version_str = version_str[len(self.sdk_prefix):]

        # if version_str.endswith('.sdk'):
        #     version_str = version_str[:-len('.sdk')]

        version_str ='xcrun', '--show-sdk-version', message_handler=message_handler, capture=True)


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