PyQt5 build failure on macOS 10.10 and below

Renee Otten reneeotten at
Wed Sep 29 12:10:56 BST 2021

Hi Phil, 

thanks for your response and I am sorry for not being more clear as to why we don’t use the latest PyQt5 version on all OSes.

We install the latest Qt5 version that is supported on the specific OS, for example on 10.10 this is Qt version 5.9. As was reported/discussed in Trac ticket #61006 (, as of version 5.15.0 PyQt5 doesn’t build anymore with Qt 5.9 due to a missing “qcustomaudiorolecontrol.h”. Since Qmultimedia was  introduced in Qt 5.11, it was concluded that therefore PyQt5 should be pinned to version 5.14.2 on OSes that only support Qt < 5.11. Of course if this issue can be fixed so that we can use the latest PyQt5 version across the board that would be even better!

I don’t have a recent build log to show that exact failure, but I am sure we can reproduce one if that would be helpful. 

Thanks again, 

> On Sep 28, 2021, at 5:13 PM, Phil Thompson <phil at> wrote:
> The first thing I'd suggest is to use current versions.
> Phil

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