PyQt5 build failure on macOS 10.10 and below

Renee Otten reneeotten at
Wed Sep 29 15:05:19 BST 2021

Thanks Phil - and points taken! I just started maintaining the PyQt5-related ports and was going through our tickets to try and resolve open issue. I certainly should have tried installing the most recent version to see if that resolved the earlier problems; additionally moving forward I’m happy to report any issues I encounter with PyQt5 and when adding support for PyQt6 (hopefully soon).

On a slightly unrelated note, when trying to search the mailing list I noticed that the Nabble link provided on <> does not work - can it be updated? 

Thanks again, 

> On Sep 29, 2021, at 7:29 AM, Phil Thompson <phil at> wrote:
> On 29/09/2021 12:10, Renee Otten wrote:
>> Hi Phil,
>> thanks for your response and I am sorry for not being more clear as to
>> why we don’t use the latest PyQt5 version on all OSes.
>> We install the latest Qt5 version that is supported on the specific
>> OS, for example on 10.10 this is Qt version 5.9. As was
>> reported/discussed in Trac ticket #61006
>> (, as of version 5.15.0 PyQt5
>> doesn’t build anymore with Qt 5.9 due to a missing
>> “qcustomaudiorolecontrol.h”. Since Qmultimedia was  introduced in Qt
>> 5.11, it was concluded that therefore PyQt5 should be pinned to
>> version 5.14.2 on OSes that only support Qt < 5.11. Of course if this
>> issue can be fixed so that we can use the latest PyQt5 version across
>> the board that would be even better!
> It was fixed in v5.15.2. It would have been fixed earlier if it had been reported earlier.
>> I don’t have a recent build log to show that exact failure, but I am
>> sure we can reproduce one if that would be helpful.
> As I said, use current versions.
> Phil

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