ANN: eric 22.4 released

Detlev Offenbach detlev at
Sat Apr 2 11:01:39 BST 2022

Hello Pythonistas,

I just uploaded eric 22.4. It fixes some bugs and adds these new features.

  * General
      o added capability to upgrade PyQt packages eric depends on from
        within eric
      o added capability to upgrade eric from within eric
  * pip Interface
      o added a vulnerability check for installed packages based on
        "Safety DB"
      o added a widget to show a package dependency tree
      o added a button to search for more packages (i.e. one more page
        of results)
  * Third Party packages
      o upgraded coverage to 6.3.2
      o upgraded mccabe to version 0.7.0

It is available via the eric web site or PyPI. 
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