ANN: SIP v6.6.0 Released

Phil Thompson phil at
Wed Apr 13 12:01:40 BST 2022

On 13/04/2022 09:43, Ben Greiner wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> Am 12.04.22 um 23:30 schrieb Phil Thompson:
>> SIP v6.6.0 has been released. The main changes are internal with the 
>> flex/bison parser replaced with a pure Python implementation using 
>> PLY. This is the first stage of turning SIP into a pure Python 
>> package.
>> Phil
> Please update the metadata on the PyQt6-sip and PyQt5-sip packages in
> PyPI. They have this in sip.h:
> /* Sanity check on the Python version. */
> #if PY_VERSION_HEX < 0x03070000
> #error "This version of PyQt6.sip requires Python v3.7 or later"
> #endif
> but still
> python_requires='>=3.6',
> in
> This will cause some grief on user's machines, which are stuck with
> the EOL Python 3.6 (e.g. openSUSE Leap 15.3 and even upcoming 15.4)
> and try to install PyQt into their user sitelib via pip.

I've released SIP v6.6.1 which sets the correct meta-data. Also released 
are new versions of PyQt5-sip and PyQt6-sip with the corrected 
meta-data. The broken versions have been removed from PyPI.


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