Segmentation fault on importing from PyQt5 in Py3.10

Florian Bruhin me at
Sat Apr 16 18:44:00 BST 2022


On Fri, Apr 15, 2022 at 07:01:10PM +0200, ullix wrote:
> Using Py3.10 in a venv all worked fine until a few hours ago when I ugraded
> some modules using pip. I believe it was the PyQt* upgrades, which created
> the problem.
> Simply opening Py3.10 and importing: PyQt5 ok, but PyQt5.QtWidgets results
> in Seg Fault:
>     $ python3
>     Python 3.10.0a6 (default, Mar  2 2021, 02:01:08) [GCC 5.4.0 20160609] on
> linux
>     >>> import PyQt5
>     >>> import PyQt5.QtWidgets
>     Segmentation fault

Running with gdb might show more:

    gdb -ex r --args $(which python3) -c "import PyQt5.QtWidgets"

Then once you get a (gdb) prompt, "bt" should get you a C++ traceback.
You probably won't be able to get debugging symbols for a pip-installed
PyQt though, but maybe the output is helpful nonetheless.

Also let me note that you're running an old alpha of Python 3.10 from
over a year ago. You might want to try upgrading your Python to 3.10.4
first and see if things look better there.

PS: If you want to start a new topic, please write a new mail to the ML,
don't answer to a random existing one. Your mail is now displayed as an
answer to "Suprising enum difference in PyQt 6 from PyQt 5", yet has
nothing to do with that.


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