PyQtDeploy choking on double slashes

Info at Bonhard Computing info at
Tue Jan 11 00:08:40 GMT 2022

Just further to this…
To closer emulate the file structure of the pyqt-deploy Demo app, I stuffed all my code within an arbitrary subfolder subfolder. That kludge worked.
But now pyqt-deploy can’t seem to deal with other subfolders.  It errors like this;
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/Users/david/Documents/dev/truck/truck/components.SOs/'
It seems to be making an error when it formulates the path.  That should be "components/SOs” not “components.SOs”.  
I don’t know why it’s dot-splitting pathnames rather than slashing them.

> On 4 Jan 2022, at 23:33, Info at Bonhard Computing <info at> wrote:
> """""""""""""""""""
> (venv) david at apple-macbook truck % pyqtdeploy-build deployment-config.pdt
> Verifying host architecture 'macos-64'...
> Verifying target architecture 'macos-64'...
> Verifying OpenSSL v1.1.1l...
> Verifying Python v3.7.12...
> WARNING: Python: v3.7.12 is untested.
> Verifying PyQt v5.15.2...
> Verifying Qt v5.15.2...
> Verifying SIP v12.8.1...
> Verifying zlib v1.2.11...
> pyqtdeploy-build: '//components/' does not exist
> """""""""""""""""""
> I can’t figure out why pyqtdeploy-build can’t see the contents of my subdirectories..
> Can anyone advise, what am I doing wrong here?
> Thank you,
> David.
> <Screenshot 2022-01-04 at 23.28.55.png>

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