ANN: eric 22.6 released

Detlev Offenbach detlev at
Wed Jun 1 13:25:51 BST 2022

Hello Pythonistas,

I just uploaded eric 22.6. It fixes some bugs and adds these new features.

  * - Dataview Coverage
      o added support to write coverage reports as HTML, JSON or LCOV files
      o removed the support for writing annotated sources (deprecated in
  * - Mercurial Interface
      o added configuration option to override the automatic search for
        the hg executable
  * - MicroPython
      o updated the list of known CircuitPython boards
      o updated the list of known UF2 capable boards
  * - pip Interface
      o added a filter to the package licenses dialog
  * - Syntax Checker
      o changed the TOML syntax checker to use 'tomlkit' because 'toml'
        is no longer maintained
  * - Testing
      o reworked the former unittest interface to allow to support
        testing frameworks other than 'unittest'
      o implemented support for the 'unittest' and 'pytest' frameworks
  * - Wizards
      o extended the QInputDialog wizard to support the
        'getMultiLineText()' function
  * - Third Party packages
      o upgraded pip-licenses to version 3.5.4
      o upgraded coverage to 6.4.0

It is available via the eric web site or PyPI. 
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