[SIP] Failed to build with SIP >= 6.6

Weitian Leung Just_Fancy at live.com
Sun Jun 5 14:35:46 BST 2022

While upgrading sip to 6.6, my project <https://github.com/timxx/pywpsrpc> unable to build anymore.

  1.   Unable to use typedef as filename:
%Include typedef.sip
  3.  Now failed with : 'typedef' is unexpected

This problem is fine as  I can simply rename the file.

  1.  Unable to generate empty interface bindings:

struct Foo /Abstract/
​Now just failed with : '}' is unexpected, I don't known how to fix this as there are some empty interfaces for my project.

I don't see any related changes from https://www.riverbankcomputing.com/news/SIP_v6.6.0_Released.
It seems that this release have other breaking changes.
Riverbank Computing | SIP v6.6.0 Released<https://www.riverbankcomputing.com/news/SIP_v6.6.0_Released>
SIP v6.6.0 Released. 12 April 2022. SIP v6.6.0 has been released. This is a functional and bug-fix release. Python v3.6 is no longer supported. The .sip file parser (created using flex and bison) has been replaced with a pure Python implementation using PLY.; The latest version of ABI v13 is v13.3.0.

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