PyQt6 QTreeWidget itemDelegate error?

Matic Kukovec kukovecmatic at
Fri Jun 17 23:23:05 BST 2022


Specs: Windows 10 x64, PyQt6.3.1.dev2206051323, Python3.9

I'm getting an error in a QTreeWidget when trying to access a delegate
through self.itemDelegate(index), the error is:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\projects\gui\", line 235, in __create_item
    delegate = self.itemDelegate(new_index)
TypeError: itemDelegate(self): too many arguments

This code works in PyQt5 (5.15.4), but not in PyQt6 (6.3.1.dev2206051323).

Am I doing something wrong or is this perhaps a bug?

Sorry, got it, it's self.itemDelegateForIndex on PyQt6.

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