Building on macOS without openssl

Phil Thompson phil at
Sat Jun 25 15:34:38 BST 2022

On 23/06/2022 15:24, Kovid Goyal wrote:
> I am trying to build PyQt 6.3.1 against Qt 6.3.1, compiled without
> openssl, so it uses the native mac Secure Transport libraries. As a
> result, DTLS is disabled in this Qt build. However, PyQt generates 
> stubs
> that include DTLS methods, leading to build failures such as
> sipQtNetworkpart2.cpp:9988:30: error: no member named
>       'dtlsCookieVerificationEnabled' in 'QSslConfiguration'
>             sipRes = sipCpp->dtlsCookieVerificationEnabled();
>                      ~~~~~~  ^
> How can I get pyqt to exclude DTLS?

Should be fixed in the next snapshot (but untested).


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