Aw: Re: Bugreport: QDBusArgument does not work with PyQt6

Phil Thompson phil at
Thu Jun 30 18:32:56 BST 2022

Sorry, I need something much, much simpler to work with.

Running your example with dbus-monitor running for both PyQt5 and PyQt6 
shows the same arguments suggesting that the marshalling is working the 


On 30/06/2022 12:34, JakobDev wrote:
> It's the QDbusArgument Object that causes the problem. i don't now, if
> QBytesArray needs to be implementet too in PyQt6, but would be nice if
> we just could use the normal python bytes.
> I'm trying to use the PrepareInstall Method of the DynamicLauncher
> Portal (Documenation:
> It is pretty new. The doc says, it needs a GIcon, but it needs just
> the text Icon followed by the Bytes of a Image file. As far as I know
> KDE 525 is currently the only majror DE that has it impelemented. I
> have atached a ZIP file which includes all needed files. If you run
> this code on a system that has the Portal implemented, it should work.
> If you use PyQt6 instead of PyQt5, it didn't work.
> KDE has implementet a test of the Portal which uses C++ with Qt5. You
> can find the source here:
> The implementation for the GIcon function can be found here:
> I hope that is all you need to make this work under PyQt6.
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> Betreff: Re: Bugreport: QDBusArgument does not work with PyQt6
> On 29/06/2022 12:48, JakobDev wrote:
>> If you run the attached code with PyQt5 everything works as
> expected.
>> but if you chance the imports from PyQt5 to PyQt6 you get this
> error:
>> QDBusMarshaller: type `PyQt_PyObject' (65729) is not registered with
>> D-BUS. Use qDBusRegisterMetaType to register it. It looks like PyQt6
>> doesn't accept QDBusArgument.
> What is the argument that is causing the problem?
> While it would be easy enough to register PyQt_PyObject there wouldn't
> be much point if the other end doesn't know what to do with it.
> Phil

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