PyQt6 Signals are not correctly typed

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Wed Nov 16 14:31:11 GMT 2022

The PyQt (and PySide for that matter) official hints need a good bit of help.  The pyqt5-stubs and pyqt6-stubs are attempts to 1) offer better hints to users and 2) offer a reference for Phil to work from to fix the official hints.  I spent a couple years working on PyQt5 stuff but presently have moved on.  There's some other interest in maintenance, but not a lot of active work (maybe my fault).

For signals, well, we don't have a complete solution but we at least have something a lot better.

On Wed, Nov 16, 2022, at 09:24, JakobDev wrote:
> I demonstrate it with the attached example. It's a very simple Program
> that just shows a Button. If you click the Button, it prints Hello
> World. So pretty normal. Now let's run mypy on this. It gives you this
> error:
> error: "Callable[[], None]" has no attribute "connect"
> Found 1 error in 1 file (checked 1 source file)
> Now let's open this in PyCharm. PyCharm also shows a error here. Signals
> are not correctly typed. It looks like they are typed as function. To be
> clear: This here is just a example. It happens with every Signals, which
> is annoying if you work on a bigger Project in PyCharm.
> What makes this these even worse, is that PyQt6 comes with a py.typed
> (see PEP561). It basically means, that this package can be considered as
> statically and correctly typed.
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