black openGL canvas rendering on macos M1

Iván Yossi ghevan at
Tue Oct 4 06:06:50 BST 2022


I work with krita and we are trying to solve an issue we are having with a strange bug in pyqt with macOS M1. When using sip>4 and pyqt5 on M1 the openGL canvas renders black with the following message

> UNSUPPORTED (log once): POSSIBLE ISSUE: unit 0 GLD_TEXTURE_INDEX_2D is unloadable and bound to > sampler type (Float) - using zero texture because texture unloadable

This only happens when krita is built with pyqt with sip version greater than 4.19. Currently we are packaging using sip 4.19.19 and PyQt5_gpl-5.13.1, this is ancient and would like to move forward, but this bug has been elusive.

What could be happening? I need help to figure this out. This time for building we are using python 3.10.7 and building using pip3 for sip and pyQt5_sip, but we are compiling from source PyQt5, since we use our own patched Qt.

Versions we are trying to update to:

Name: sip
Version: 6.6.2

Name: PyQt5_sip
Version: 12.11.0

Name: PyQt5
Version: 5.15.7

Python 3.10.7

Qt- 5.12.12


Iván Yossi
<ghevan at>
IRC: ivanyossi

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