Can't install PyQt via pip because it ask about the license

Ben Greiner code-pyqt at
Fri Oct 7 12:51:23 BST 2022

Am 07.10.22 um 13:27 schrieb Phil Thompson:
> On 07/10/2022 08:08, c.buhtz at wrote:
>> Good Morning,
>> I got some steps further but didn't succeeded yet with
>> installing and/or building PyQt5 on pcc64le architecture.
>> On 2022-10-05 11:54 <c.buhtz at> wrote:
>>> Maybe the other way via "--global-config" is a better solution?
>> Again I have to ask if it is maybe better to use "pip" to build/install
>> and not the the explicit "sip-install" step.
> Both pip and sip-install are front-ends to the same back-end. pip 
> supports downloading, sip-install is easier to use.
>> The question is how can I throughput the "--confirm-license" option via
>> "--global-config"? I don't know how.
> The option is actually --config-settings...
>     pip -v install --config-settings --qmake=/path/to/qmake 
> --config-settings --confirm-license= /path/to/PyQt5-5.15.7.tar.gz
> The -v is recommended but not required.
>> Please treat this as a feature request to improve the "how to build
>> PyQt5". Nowhere there is mentioned wich libqt5* packages I need to
>> install.
> That is distro-specific.

And appropriately documented in the distro build recipes. It is 
basically, "all the header package for qt6 libs you want to support".

Debian sid:
Ubuntu kinetic:

> Can we solve this?
> Either install sip in the venv or run sip-wheel instead of sip-install 
> and use pip to install the resulting wheel.

Or use sip-build instead of sip-install and use `make install 
DESTDIR=$yourdir INSTALL_ROOT=$yourvenv`

- Ben

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