Correct Pyqtdeploy project with component plugins

Patrick Stinson patrickkidd at
Mon Oct 17 15:38:14 BST 2022

The pyqt-demo project in the pyqtdeploy source package has both the app
source and component plugins in the project root. This can cause name
conflicts between the component plugins and their associated python/sip
modules when running the app code during development. What is the intended
folder / naming schema to avoid this?

For example, I have a folder the typing_extensions module in
./lib/site-packages that is a dependency of some other modules I am using.
I've added ./lib/site-packages to sys.path in my app main(). AFAIK, the
component plugin has to be ./, but that file gets
imported before the one in site-packages which breaks the modules that
simply "import typing_extensions".

I'm sure I've missed a basic concept, just couldn't infer this looking at
pyqt-demo since it doesn't include custom packages.

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