[QScintilla] dynamic module not initialized properly (qscintilla2 python binding)

Neal Becker ndbecker2 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 03:16:05 GMT 2007

I think I am on the track of the problem.
In sipQscicmodule.cpp:

sipModule = Py_InitModule((char *)sipModuleAPI_Qsci.em_name,sip_methods);

(gdb) p sipModuleAPI_Qsci.em_name
$7 = 0x2aaaaf889797 "PyQt4.Qsci"

It was imported as "Qsci".  I'm thinking that PyQt4.Qsci != Qsci is why we get 
the error here:

In importdl.c:
	m = PyDict_GetItemString(PyImport_GetModuleDict(), name);
	if (m == NULL) {
				"dynamic module not initialized properly");

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