[QScintilla] Overriding Escape Keypress

Nicholas Sloan qscintilla at nicholassloan.com
Thu Nov 8 06:03:42 GMT 2007

First of all, I'm new here. I'm just getting started with QScintilla, 
taking my first steps with Qt, and I am no pro at C++, but I'll try to 
save my stupid questions for #c++ on freenode, instead of sending them 
to this list.

I want to change the binding of an escape key press. After tracing my 
way back through several files, I've discovered that escape key presses 
are associated with the SCI_CANCEL message, but the case for this value 
in the switch statement in WndProc() in Editor.cpp doesn't hold any 

Basically, I'm just trying to figure out if I will be breaking any 
functionality by reimplementing the escape key for my own needs.


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