SIP Download

As well as the source packages and development snapshots, SIP is also available as a Mercurial repository.

To clone the repository, run the following command:

        hg clone

Wheel files for Linux (64 bit), OS X (64 bit) and Windows (32 and 64 bit) can be installed from PyPI using pip3. They only include the sip extension module and do not include the code generator.

Source Packages

This is the latest stable version of SIP. Older versions can be found here. Windows source
sip-4.18.tar.gz Linux, OS X source

The change log for the current release is here.

Development Snapshots

These are snapshots of the next release of SIP including all bug fixes. Windows source
sip-4.18.1.dev1607221243.tar.gz Linux, OS X source

The change log for the latest development snapshot is here.