[Eric] Re: Eric Digest, Vol 15, Issue 8

Alistair Campbell alistair.campbell at jcu.edu.au
Fri Sep 21 22:50:35 BST 2007


Thanks Anthony. No such luck on the Mac! I've stuck Designer in every /bin I can see and ERIC still isn't happy. It clearly is something to do with where ERIC is looking for the Qt programs but I have altered the directory setting in Preferences and this has no effect. I suspect it's a bug on OS X as the Settings/Show external tools leads to an unhandled exception. I've sent that in as a bug report, so maybe someone can figure it out.

For the moment I will have to bin ERIC. Maybe I should bin the Mac too- the whole file structure on this thing is bizarre.

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>in Windows i had the same problem and i solve it by creating a directory
>named "bin" inside Python's one.
>ex. c:\Python25\Bin
>and puting there these 3 files, designer.exe, Linguist.exe and assistant.exe
>Eric4 now can find them!

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