[Eric] New Project Bug - Crashes Eric4

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I can confirm this too, both in Xp and Vista.

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To Reproduce:
Open Fresh Eric4.
Open New Project Dialog.
Triple Click Project Directory: to type in a new path.
Hit a key.  You will receive a Python crash window.
Leaves hanging pythonw.exe task.

Windows XP SP2
Python 2.5.1
Qt 4.3.4 (GPL)
PyQt 4.3.3 (GPL)
sip 4.7.4
QScintilla 2.2
Eric4 - 4.1.1 r1972

Other instability:
Able to crash the same way with deleting back through the drive slash
(down to c:).  Seems to be an issue with the path "type ahead" drop down
functionality, when editing the path in place.

Work around:
Using the path dialog for Project Directory by clicking the [...] button
works without issue.

Joe Sacher

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