[Eric] Eric Debugger and Ruby-1.9

Nandhu MJS nandhu.mjs at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 01:19:02 BST 2008

I use Eric-4-4.2-snapshot-20080319 for developing a ruby application.
On switch to ruby-1.9.0 eric gives the error message in Log-Viewer
  DebugClient.rb:10: warning: variable $KCODE is no longer effective;
ignored ...
  DebugClient.rb:11in `require': no such file to load -- jcode(LoadError) ... "

eric-4 ide starts and runs without any apparent problem but the
debugger does not work

Commenting out the references to $KCODE and jcode or copying jcode.rb
from ruby-1.8.6 only makes the situation worse as control stays stuck
in the Log-Viewer and a message keeps rolling at a speed too fast to
read.  Escape is only by closing eric-4

Any solution from anybody would be greatly appreciated
Thanks and regards

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