[Eric] Project viewer synch without jumps

Shai Berger shai at platonix.com
Wed Dec 10 13:05:03 GMT 2008

Hi list,

This is my first posting here. I like eric4 a lot, but I also have a suggestion
for improvement. 

In the version I work with, 4.1.1 from Ubuntu, when we turn on "Highlight file
of current editor" (in Project->Project Viewer), we get the nice feature that
the project viewer is synched with the editor. However, this has a nasty side
effect: The selected file is brought to the top of the project viewer (if the
tree after it is long enough to fill the project viewer pane). This in itself
would not be nasty if it only happened in response to switching tabs, but it
also happens when the file is selected from the project viewer; the result is
that when you double-click a file in the project viewer, it sometimes "runs
away". I suppose I could get used to it always running to the top, but it
doesn't; and quite often I find myself opening a file, then wanting to open
another in its package -- and you can guess, it's not where I'm looking at on
the screen.

Is it possible to avoid moving the selected file to the top when it is already
visible? At least when the file selection is done in the project viewer?

I hope this is clear enough, I hope it can be done, and I hope any response will
CC me as I am not currently on the list.


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